University of Minnesota

Application Instructions

Print this page to assist with applying online.

These instructions will assist you with answering questions as you proceed through the online housing application process.

Part 1 - Enter your profile details and roommate/matching preferences

  • Fields with red dots are required. Click the information links to learn more about a field.
  • Click Next on the Housing Application page to continue applying.
  • Click Next on the New Room/Plan Preferences page. You will enter those preferences later in the application process.
  • Enter the Internet ID(s) of your preferred roommate(s) and answer the roommate matching questions. If your preferred roommate(s) name(s) do not appear when you press tab, keep going with your application by clicking Next on the New Roommate/Matching page. You can come back to this later (see below).
  • Click Continue on the Application Summary page.
  • When you click Continue, your application entered our system. Until you close all browser windows, your computer will remember you as a new applicant who has not entered an application into our system.

Part 2 - Print your Parent Signature Page

  • The parent signature page is available at
  • Only if you are under 18 years of age at the time of submitting the application, have your parent/guardian sign the page and send it to: Housing & Residential Life, Contracts, Attn: Assignments & Billing, Comstock Hall - East, 210 Delaware Street S.E., Minneapolis, MN 55455.


  • Your computer remembers you as a new applicant until you close all browser windows that were open when you initiated your application.


Part 3 - Submit your $25 non-refundable Housing Application Fee

To ensure the earliest application complete date, submit payment via credit/debit card.

(a) - Submit payment via credit/debit card

    • Open the Accounting folder. 
    • Click Payment Gateway, which uses a pop-up window to Authorize.Net to submit your secure online payment.
    • Select the $25 non-refundable Housing Application Fee from the drop-down list.
    • Click Continue.
    • Enter Credit/Debit Card Details and click Continue

(b) - Submit payment via check or money order

  • Go to 
  • Print, complete, and mail the document to the address listed on the form along with a $25 check.
  • Checks need to be payable to the U of M, and your Student ID number needs to be written on the face of the check along with your application period.

Part 4 Enter your Building/Room Type/ Meal Plan Preferences

  • After you have completed Parts 1-3, go to
  • Verify your Student ID number and Internet ID.
  • Select the appropriate Application Period, then click Next.
  • Use the up and down arrows to rank your preferred halls/apartments and click Next.
  • Use the up and down arrows to rank your preferred room types and click Next.
  • Select your preferred meal plan and click Next.
  • Print your Preferences Summary by right clicking on the window and selecting print and click Next.
  • Click Next and close that browser window.

View and make changes to your Housing Application

  • Go to
  • Accounting Folder - Statement Inquiry - View payments you have made.
  • Accounting Folder - Make Payments - Submit payment using a credit card.
  • Application Folder - Application Status - View critical dates in your housing application process and/or print this page to mail with your payment.
  • Application Folder - Room/Plan Preferences - Make changes to your building, room type, and meal plan preferences.
  • Application Folder - Roommate/Matching - Add or delete preferred roommates and complete Roommate Matching Questions.
  • Profile Folder - Profile - Most personal profile information needs to be changed through U of M One Stop. You may change your Living & Learning Community preferences here.
  • Profile Folder - Addresses - Address information needs to be changed through the U of M One Stop.