University of Minnesota

Application Checklist

Print this page to save a copy for your records

  1. Initiate your University of Minnesota Internet ID
    - you will need your Student ID number, Social Security number and birth date
  2. Begin the housing application by agreeing to the terms of the contract
  3. Submit your $25 non-refundable Housing Application Fee
    - this payment is due with your application and establishes your complete date
  4. Indicate your profile, contact, and meal plan information
    - name, birth date, gender, phone numbers, e-mail addresses...
  5. Indicate your Living Learning Community, roommate, building, and room type preferences
    - they may be updated through May 31st

  6.  Add, change or remove a specific roommate request
    - must be complete before June 1st
  7. Send your parent's signature
    - only if you are under 18 when you submit your application fee payment
  8. Submit your $250 University Enrollment Confirmation Fee
    - completed through Admissions, not through Housing & Residential Life
    - this payment is due May 1st

  9. Submit your $200 Housing Guarantee Payment
    - cannot be submitted until after you have been offered a housing guarantee
    - the first set of guarantees will be sent January 22nd
    - this payment is due May 15th

  10. Wait until the week of July 31st for your assignment notification