University of Minnesota


General FAQs

How safe are the residence halls and apartments?

Housing & Residential Life, in coordination with the University Police, work to provide a safe and healthy living environment for students.

  • All doors leading to residence hall rooms and apartments are locked 24 hours a day. Access to these areas require a key or activated U Card issued to each student when he or she checks in at the beginning of the year.
  • Residential life staff provides security inside University housing. Each University housing building has a Security Monitor on duty from 11 p.m. to 7 a.m. every day of the week, there are video security cameras operating in the public areas of the halls and apartments, and Community Advisors (CA) are on-call weekdays from 4:30 p.m. to 8 a.m. and 24 hours a day on weekends.
  • The halls and apartments have fire alarm systems and a sprinkler system, and we strive to maintain these systems with routine checks, training for the staff, and work with the UMPD and the Minneapolis Fire Department for proper emergency response training and drills.
  • UMPD offers an escort service for people who need to be on campus during the evening and night hours. They will arrange to have a person meet you at your campus location and escort you to your campus destination.
  • Read more about safety and security in the residence halls

Why is it beneficial to live in the Residence Halls?

While convenience is often the number one reason for living on campus, you'll find that we offer our students much more than just a place to study and sleep.

  • Halls are located close to classroom buildings as well as near libraries, shopping and recreational areas.
  • There are many opportunities to meet new people and get involved while living in the halls. Residents are able to participate in social, educational, cultural and recreational opportunities. Student employment opportunities are also available.
  • Residents will benefit from the services, skills and time of a committed staff in the halls. Both full-time, professional staff members (some of which live within the hall) and a student staff are available for advice or referrals on just about any topic from personal matters to career decisions. For more information on staff in the halls, visit HRL Staff.

Which hall should I choose?

All of the residence halls and apartments have a lot to offer. To find out more about each and hall and apartment visit Residence Halls and Apartments.

What are Living Learning Communities?

In addition to the programs and services provided in University housing, there are many Living Learning Communities specifically designed for incoming first-year students. Located within the halls, these communities are designed to deliver a variety of educational, social, and developmental programs and services to support students as they grow into their new lives as U of M students. Read more about Living & Learning Communities

Can I get a tour of the residence halls and apartments?

If you plan to make a trip to the campus during the academic year or summer, please contact the Admissions Office at (612) 625-0000 to arrange for a tour or schedule online. During the summer, building tours are available Monday through Friday in the buildings that are open during the summer. Residence Hall tours are Wednesday, July 23-Friday, August 15. Apartment tours are Wednesday, July 23-Friday, August 8. To view the summer assignment tour times for each building, click here.

Can I bring my car to campus?

Parking is available at the University but is in extremely short supply and can be expensive. We recommend leaving your car at home unless absolutely necessary. For information on parking, parking lotteries, and alternative modes of transportation available to students, visit Parking & Transportation Services

Are incoming first-year students guaranteed housing?

Incoming first-year students and PSEO (Post-Secondary Enrollment Option) applicants are guaranteed University Housing if the following conditions are met:

  • Their University Housing application-contract is received or post-marked by May 1st.
  • They have been admitted to the University of Minnesota and paid the Admissions Confirmation Fee by May 1st.
  • They accept assignment to any available space (even if it is not a preference or is in the Expanded Housing Program)

When will I be notified of what building I am in and will it be my top choice?

Your building, room type, room number, and phone number will be available to view on the web by July 31st.

At the time room assignments are made, Housing & Residential Life will attempt to honor the preferences expressed by the applicant for specific buildings, house options, room/apartment types, and roommate requests. Please understand these are preferences only and we cannot guarantee your request if such space is unavailable.

Can I change my preferences after I apply and will it affect my application date?

You may change your application preferences online through May 31st by going to Select Online Housing Account, and log-in with your Internet ID and password

Changing your preferences will not have an effect on your application date.

Can I request a roommate and am I guaranteed to live with them?

Requests for specific roommates are considered only if the request is for a person of the same sex and the request is mutual. While not guaranteed, Housing & Residential Life will make every effort to honor these requests.

What is expanded housing?

To meet its guaranteed housing commitments, the University of Minnesota has arranged for alternative spaces, referred to as “expanded housing.” Based on the number of standard residence hall spaces available AND the date of your housing application, some students will be assigned a space in expanded housing. An expanded housing space may be a regular residence hall room that has been converted to accommodate an additional person (a single expanded to a double, a double expanded to a triple, etc) or study lounge converted into a residential living space. Every attempt has been made to equip these rooms with furnishings similar to those in regular residential rooms. They may, however, have less closet and drawer space.

Expanded housing may be temporary. If spaces in standard residence hall rooms become available, expanded housing residents could be reassigned to a permanent space. If an expanded student moves out, the remaining students will be charged the regular room rate for the duration of their stay in a regular residence hall room that had been converted to accommodate an additional person. Housing & Residential Life offers assistance for cross-campus moves. More information

Am I required to have a meal plan? Am I able to change it during the year?

We believe dining service is an integral part of residential life. Therefore, meal plans are required of students living in any of the nine residence halls. The University has seven residential restaurants and offers convenient, flexible meal plans that are perfect for students. Students living in one of the three apartments are not required to have a meal plan, as they have cooking facilities in their unit.

Meal plan changes can be made to your application until May 31, you may also change your meal plan through the second week of the first semester.

For more information on meal plan choices, options for students with special dietary needs and other services, please visit the University Dining Website.

Application FAQs

Should I apply for housing even though I have not decided to go to the U yet? And how much is the deposit?

We encourage students to apply for housing as soon as possible. The earlier you apply the better. There is a $25 non-refundable application fee due at the time of application.

How do I apply for housing if I have not received a Student ID?

Once you apply for admission to the University you are given a student ID number. To get that number you can call Admissions at 612-625-2008.

I can not apply because my Internet ID and password is not working, what should I do?

If you are having problems with your Internet ID and/or password, contact the tech department at 612-301-HELP (4357).

The Online Housing Application doesn’t work. What can I do?

Try turning off your pop-up blockers or using a different browser. You can also contact Housing & Residential Life at 612-624-2994. Be sure to have access to the internet when you call and we will assist you.

I paid the $25 application fee. Is my application complete? What are the next steps?

The two things you need to submit for your application to be complete is the application and the $25 application fee. A few days after completing the application you will receive a confirmation email. If you did not fill out preferences (building, room type, and meal plan) go to housing preferences.

What is the best place to live?

The answer really comes down to what the student prefers. Students should review the information we provide about each of the Residence Halls and Apartments before deciding how to rank them on the application.

What are LLCs?

  • LLCs are specifically designed to deliver a variety of educational, social, and developmental programs and services to support students with their transition to the University.
  • LLCs maximize students' retention and their academic success and provide positive experiences at the University.
  • LLCs offer eligible students the option to live in a "house" with residents who share similar educational interests.

How do I know if I am eligible for Honors Housing?

  • If you applied for the Honors Program and are accepted, you will receive a letter from the Honors Program.
  • If you are accepted into the Honors Program, you are eligible for Honors Housing.
  • You must preference the Honors LLC on your Housing application in order to be assigned to the Honors LLC.

Can I apply for an LLC even if I have not heard if I have been accepted into the program?

Yes, you can apply for an LLC even if you have not been accepted into the program yet. However, you will only be assigned to the LLC if you are accepted into the LLC by May 15.

When will I hear from Housing next after I submit my application? What is the timeline of communication?

Typically, you will receive an email response within 3 business days.

What does the March 1 deadline mean?

March 1 is the priority deadline for students interested in living in an LLC to apply for housing. Some LLCs fill up before March 1 and some will continue to have space well after March 1.

What is the $200 Housing Guarantee Payment?

Before you receive a housing assignment, you will first receive a Housing Guarantee offer by email. After you receive the Housing Guarantee offer, you can make the $200 payment. The $200 Housing Guarantee Payment is a credit which will go on your student account. It lets us know you are serious about living with us on campus.

When is the $200 Due?

The payment is due by May 15 for new incoming students.

Can I pay the $200 online?

Yes, you can pay online with a credit/debit card.

Is it better to pay it right away? Will I be penalized if I don’t pay it right away?

As long as the payment is made by May 15, there is no benefit or penalty. If the payment is made after May 15, you will not be assigned in the first group of students and there is a possibility you will not be assigned Housing.

I filled out my preferences, but want to change them. How do I do that?

Please visit housing preferences. Changes to your room preferences will be accepted until May 15.

If I make changes to my application will it affect my application complete date?

Making changes to your application will not affect your application complete date.

What is the Roommate Search?

The Roommate Search is an opportunity for incoming first-year students to receive information about who they might be compatible with based on questions they answer about themselves and a preferred roommate.

Who is eligible for Roommate Search?

Only new incoming first-year students who have not preferenced an LLC.

How does Roommate Search work?

Students will answer questions about themselves and questions about their desired roommates (i.e. sleeping habits). The system will compare those answers with other student’s responses and give the student a list of students who are compatible. Students are encouraged to contact each other and if they wish to request each other as roommates, they need to add each other to their applications.

How do I access Roommate Search?

We will send out invitations to students through email with a link to the program.

Reapplication FAQs

Room Reapplication Process

What do I need when I Indicate My Preferences?

  • Your U of M internet ID and password
  • The reapplication guide to refer to for questions

The $25 non-refundable application fee (service charge) will be charged to your University financial account after reapplication, during the first week in March.

What do I need when I participate in the Room Reapplication Rounds to sign up for a room or apartment?

  • Your U of M internet ID and password
  • All requested roommate(s) U of M internet IDs (ex. house123)
  • The reapplication guide to refer to for questions

Can I view my assignment or make changes to my required meal plan once the process has ended?

  • Yes, after March 9, 2015 you can do both these things (in addition to requesting a transfer to another building/room/apartment) by accessing
  • Beginning March 9, you can submit a request for a different hall/room at In order to be eligible for the housing waitlist, you must have submitted your housing guarantee payment.

Why do I have to choose a meal plan when going through the reapplication process?

Meal plans are required of students living in any of the nine residence halls. At the time of submitting your application fee and indicating your preferences you will NOT know if you will be living in an apartment or a residence hall. If you reserve a residence hall room (instead of an apartment), you will have the selected meal plan. If you secure an apartment space, the meal plan you chose will be cancelled and you will have the opportunity to purchase one of the optional meal plans offered to apartment residents when you move into your apartment in the fall.

I did not participate in the online Room Reapplication Process before March 4, 2015 and now I have decided I want to live on campus. What do I do?

Email and request instructions. You will be able to apply online for a non-guaranteed space for 2015-16. You will likely not know until July 16th if we will be able to accommodate your request.

What if I get an error message when I access Room Reapplication?

First check your email to find out if we have provided information. If there is no message, send an email to, including the text of the error message.

Who do I contact if I need special assistance with the reapplication process?

Students with disabilities who need special assistance with Room Reapplication please email or call (612) 624-2994 as soon as possible and no later than March 4, 2015.

Studying Abroad?

If you are studying abroad for the fall semester or the fall and spring semesters and you would like housing when you return, email by March 4, 2015.

What are the next steps after I complete the room reapplication process for a residence hall room?

You will receive notification from Housing the week after spring break that will include a billing statement for a $200 housing guarantee payment. You can submit this payment by check or pay online by credit card. Students will also be given the option to complete paperwork to request a guarantee payment extension agreement.

When will I know the housing rates?

The tentative housing rates will be posted on the housing website by April 1, 2015. The last few years the rates have risen between 3.5-5%. The current rates can be found at

What if I decide I want to cancel my housing application-contract for 2015-2016?

  • Students who participate in the on-campus housing reapplication process must cancel their housing application-contract by April 15, 2015 in order to be released from their housing-application contract, and to receive a refund of the $200 housing guarantee payment (if applicable). Returning students will not be permitted to cancel their housing application-contract after April 15, 2015, the date by which the housing application-contract is a legally binding contract with the University of Minnesota's Housing & Residential Life Department.
  • Prior to April 15, 2015, returning residents interested in canceling their application-contract may do so by emailing Students must include their first and last name and U of M student ID number in the cancellation request. Requests should be sent from U of M email accounts.
  • Beginning April 16, 2015, returning residents will have to complete a contract release request if they wish to be released from their housing application-contract. Most requests will not be approved. More information about the contract release process can be found at The contract release request form can be obtained by sending an email to

Room Selection

I am not sure where I want to live next fall. What should I do?

  • It is to your advantage to participate in Room Reapplication and sign up for a room in a residence hall to secure a spot in University Housing for 2015-2016.
  • To maintain your residence hall room reservation, the Housing Guarantee Payment of $200 must be postmarked by April 15, 2015 for all residents who complete reapplication for a residence hall space. After that date, all payments will be forfeited. Please note the $25 application fee is not refundable at any time.

Which apartment complex should I choose to live in?

It depends on what you like. All three facilities (University Village, Wilkins and Yudof) include individual and shared bedroom spaces. University Village and Yudof are larger facilities and therefore have more rooms available for signup.

Can I see a room?

You can view room diagrams (not pictures), which will give you an idea of where the room is located, by going to and selecting the current resident link. In the self-service links choose floor plans and select the hall you would like to review (to access this site you will have to login with your internet ID and password).

If I am interested in a single, what halls should I consider?

There are singles available in Centennial, Comstock, Middlebrook, and Sanford. Centennial has the most singles of the residence halls followed by Comstock.

Why can’t I sign up for my room?

See the "Rooms not available for signup guide". Most likely the room will be part of a reserved space program for the 2015-2016 academic year.

I want to sign up during Final Round 4, the any hall/apartment-any room round, but I want to keep my same room as a "back-up" or second choice. What should I do?

Since the signup for the same building-same room/apartment is first, sign up during Round 1. This will secure a spot in your current room. Then, go back to the online Room Reapplication during Round 4 and see if the room/apartment you want in a different hall/apartment building is available. If it is, accepting this room will CANCEL your reservation from Round 1 for your current room.

The room that I wanted was already taken. Can I get on the Waiting List to change to a different room/apartment after the room/apartment reapplication period has ended?

You should reserve a space in a residence hall as a back up during your eligible rounds. After March 9, 2015 you may request a transfer online at Doing so places you on a waiting list. If your room request becomes available (due to cancellation) spaces will be reassigned to those on the waiting list on a first-come, first-serve basis. Please note we will try to accommodate your request, but as space is very limited, we are unable to honor all requests. Should we be able to make changes to your assignment, the change will be reflected at

Can athletes in apartments sign up for their current room or another apartment?

Athletes in University Village, Wilkins Hall, and Yudof Hall are in reserved spaces, and cannot reapply for their current room. As with other reserved space programs, the program sponsor (in this case, Intercollegiate Athletics) assigns students to their reserved space in the apartments. The agreement between Housing & Residential Life and Athletics states athletes can only live in reserved spaces in Wilkins Halls; however, athletes can sign up for any other available residence hall, University Village or Yudof Hall. Athletes on scholarships, with restrictions on housing type, are responsible for signing up for a space that adheres to their restrictions.


How do I request a roommate?

Be sure you and all your prospective roommates have indicated your preferences. The person with the earliest date and time should make sure they have the correct internet IDs for all the roommates in the group, then log in at the specified date and time for reapplication, select the desired room/apartment and request the roommate(s) for the group.

You may request one, two or three roommates depending upon the type of room/apartment you choose (e.g. double, triple, or 4 person suite). Requested roommates must be current University housing residents and must be the same gender. Your requested roommate(s) will receive an email instructing them to accept or decline your request by the date and time stated in the email. It is advisable to call the person(s) you have requested as roommate(s) and remind them to log on to the website and accept the request. There is a very short window of time in which to do this.

What if my prospective roommate(s) and I sign up for different rooms, but still request each other as roommates?

If you sign up for different rooms, it is possible you will be assigned to different rooms. Send an email to and identify which rooms you would like to share; there are no guarantees you will be placed together.

What if I want to live with someone who isn’t a current resident? (i.e. an incoming freshman)

Returning residents have first priority when choosing rooms/apartments, therefore students who are not current residents are not permitted to use the online reapplication process without preapproval from Housing & Residential Life. If you are interested in having a noncurrent resident who is not a current student, you should still select a room/apartment using the online reapplication process, and then at the conclusion of the online reapplication process, if space is still available in the room/apartment you have selected, you may submit your roommate request in writing to While we will make every effort to accommodate requests, we cannot guarantee your request will be honored.

If you request a current student (but not a housing resident), both you and your preferred roommate should send a request to for approval at least 24 hours before the start of the round you are eligible to participate in. If your request is approved, the following halls will be available for signup: Bailey, Centennial, Comstock, Middlebrook, University Village and Yudof.

A roommate requested me, but I did not accept my invitation in time. Now what do I do?

You can go online to see if a space still exists in the room during the Final Round 4 Any Hall/ Apartment Building-Any Room/apartment signup through March 14 at noon. If a space no longer exists within that room/apartment, you will need to sign up for a different space. Then request a transfer using the Waiting List, however there is no guarantee you can still be placed together. It is extremely important you follow the instructions and pay close attention to the dates and timeline included in our emails and in this document to avoid problems and disappointments.

Move In FAQs

When can I begin moving in? When is the latest date I can move in?

August 15
University Apartments open at 8 a.m.

August 25 & 26
All Residence Hall Move-In for incoming first-year students

August 30
Returning students may move in beginning at 8 a.m.

*Please refer to your housing assignment letter for specific details regarding your move-in date and time.

Can I move in earlier than the designated move in date?

Requests for early move-ins into University Housing are typically not granted except in extenuating circumstances. For consideration, please submit your request between August 1 and August 23 at Approved requests will be charged $23/night.

How do I get to campus and once I'm there, how do I get to my assigned building?

For directions to the Twin Cities and the individual residence halls and apartments, click here.

Where can I park while unloading at my assigned building?

While unloading, you may park in designated short-term unloading zone near the entrance to your building. Due to the high volume of vehicles maneuvering near the halls, we ask that you then move your car to another parking area for the duration of the day. Volunteers will be available to assist with parking information and traffic flow.

What can I bring to make the move less stressful?

Bringing a dolly can be handy for moving heavy items. There will be limited moving carts available at each hall and are checked out on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Will anyone be available to assist me with my move?

University volunteer representatives will greet you and your family, and provide directions and assistance for moving into University Housing.

The office staff, located at the information desk will also be available to check you in and distribute keys, help you check out carts and answer any questions you might have.

Now that I've arrived at my assigned building, what's next?

Each building will have a central check-in area, where you will check-in and receive your keys. Look for signs directing you to this area in your assigned building. Please bring a picture ID (your U Card will work), as you will need one in order to receive your keys.

Are there any planned events for new students?

Welcome Week

Welcome Week is a six-day, on-campus experience prior to the start of the fall semester, required of all first-year students. This program is designed to complement the First-Year Orientation Program experience, and provide opportunities to enhance academic and personal success for first-year students.

Check out the Welcome Week website at

Once you've moved in, you'll probably want to spend time with your roommate to decide how you want to arrange your room. In the meantime, your parents can check out a University-sponsored social event called "A Place for Parents."

For parents moving students to campus Monday, August 25
2:00 to 8:00 p.m.
Goldy's Game Room - Coffman Union

For parents moving students to campus Tuesday, August 26
10:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.
Goldy's Game Room - Coffman Union

What should I do if I'm expecting packages, trunks, or parcels to arrive C.O.D.?

Special arrangements must be made with your business office for this type of delivery. Please speak with someone in your hall/apartment business office if you are expecting packages, trunks, or parcels to arrive C.O.D. For hall contact information, visit

When will my meal plan become "active"?

Meals begin on Saturday, August 30 for incoming first-year students attending Welcome Week. All others begin with brunch on Saturday, September 1.

When will the microfridge or futon I reserved be delivered to campus?

Orders placed by August 10 will be delivered directly to students' rooms prior to move-in. Some students who place later orders may be required to pick up the refrigerators after move-in; there will be designated pick-up locations on campus near the halls. Go to for more information.

How can I make overnight accommodations for friends/family staying to help me settle in?

Don't wait until the last minute to make overnight accommodations for friends and family. Once you've decided on a move-in date and who will be helping you, you will need to make hotel reservations for anyone needing them. For a list of local accommodations, visit

Housing Assignments FAQs

How are assignments made?

Incoming first-year students are assigned after they have met the housing guarantee. The housing guarantee requires a student has paid the $200 housing guarantee by May 15 or requested a housing guarantee extension.

Assignments are based on the application complete date, which a student receives when they complete their housing application and submit the $25 application fee, and are made in the following order:

  1. Student requests a Living Learning Community (LLC) and qualifies for the community and space permits.
  2. Student assigned to standard bed spaces in the residence halls on the Minneapolis campus.
  3. Student assigned to the expanded spaces on the Minneapolis campus.
  4. Students assigned to available apartment spaces.
  5. Students assigned to Bailey Hall standard bed spaces.
  6. Students assigned to Bailey Hall expanded spaces.

Why did I not get my first hall choice?

The most common reason is the hall was full before your assignment was made. Assignments are made in the order in which completed housing applications are received and some halls fill up as early as January. Another reason is if you listed an LLC preference and space was available in that LLC, your assignment was based on the location of that LLC and not your hall preference.

I was assigned to an expanded housing space. What will be in my room? When will I get a permanent assignment?

What will be in my room?
Every attempt has been made to equip the expanded rooms with furnishings similar to those in regular residential rooms. Each resident will have a bed, Ethernet jack, and a desk or table for studying and computers. They also have a closet or clothing rack and drawer space, but less than a non-expanded space.

When will I get a permanent assignment?
Expanded housing is temporary. At this time, we cannot predict when you will receive your permanent assignment since the factors that create vacant spaces (i.e. cancellations and no-shows) are difficult to predict in advance.  As soon as a standard residence hall room becomes available, you will be assigned a permanent living space on campus. Your stay in expanded housing may be as short as a few weeks or for the entire semester.

For more information on expanded housing visit

Why did I not get my top ranked room choice? Why did I get assigned to a single when I wanted a double?

We make every attempt to honor a student’s request, however it is not always possible as some rooms fill up before others. Over the years, student feedback has indicated that hall choice is more important than room type, therefore students are assigned a room type in a particular hall (if available) before going to their next preferred hall. A common example is a student who selects Centennial Hall (has lots of singles) as one of their top halls may get assigned to a single instead of a double in their next preferred hall. Last year over 500 first-year students were assigned to single rooms.

Why was I assigned to a University Apartment (University Village, Wilkins or Yudof)?

You selected an apartment space in one of your hall/apartment preferences and based on your application date your preferences were not available when assignments were made; or based on your application date (typically after April 1) the only space available was an apartment space.

Are other first-year students assigned apartment spaces?
There are more than 200 incoming first-year students assigned to the apartment spaces.

What are my options if I don't want to live in an apartment or my assigned residence hall?

  • Complete an assignment change request after August 1 (unlikely for fall semester).
  • Change your housing application from Fall/Spring to Spring only. This means you will not get housing for the fall and we cannot guarantee where spring placement will be.

Why did I not get my requested roommate?

Every attempt is made to honor roommate requests. Here are the common reasons roommates may not be together:

  • The request was not mutual.
  • One of the requested roommates was in a Living Learning Community or reserved space program.
  • One of the roommates may not have paid the housing guarantee or updated their housing application before housing assignments were completed.

Why did I get assigned to Bailey Hall when I do not have any classes on the St. Paul campus?

Hall and room assignments are done according to your application complete date (the day you applied for housing and paid the application fee). If your complete date was later in the process (after March), there is a possibility you will be assigned to a hall that was one of your lower preferences or to expanded housing. This means there is a possibility you will be assigned to Bailey Hall even if you do not have classes on the St. Paul Campus. U of M Twin Cities campuses are set up so it is possible and realistic to commute between the Minneapolis East Bank, West Bank, and St. Paul Campuses. The Campus Connector (Route 121) provides free transportation between campuses and runs throughout the day. The schedule can be found below.

Monday - Friday: Fall, Spring and Finals
7:00 a.m.-6:30 p.m. every 5 minutes
6:30 p.m.-10:00 p.m. every 15 minutes
10:00 p.m.-midnight every 30 minutes

9:30 a.m.-midnight every 20 minutes

Intersession & Breaks (Mon-Fri; NO weekend service)
7:00 a.m.-6:00 p.m. every 15 minutes

Summer Session (Mon-Fri; NO weekend service)
7:00 a.m.-9:30 p.m. every 15 minutes

No weekend service during breaks, intersession and summer.

Estimated Transit Times
St. Paul to East Bank - 15 minutes
East Bank to West Bank - 5 minutes
West Bank to St. Paul - 20 minutes

For more information visit PTS at

Can I move in early?

There are certain groups where coaches and/or sponsors arrange for early move-ins such as marching bands, preseason sport teams, Multicultural Kickoff, etc. Please check with the sponsor of your group to see if they have made any early move-in arrangements. Other early move-in requests are handled on a case by case basis and only allowed in extenuating circumstances. There is a $23 per night charge for approved early move-in requests.

Requests for early move-in should be directed to This site will be available beginning on August 1, 2015 at noon.

Is my hall open over winter break?

The 3 on-campus apartment complexes (University Village, Yudof Hall and Wilkins Hall) are open during the winter break. There is no additional charge as it is included in the apartment rates.

Centennial, Middlebrook and 17th Avenue Residence Halls will remain open during the winter break. Residents of these halls are required to register for the break and will be charged $23.00/night. Dining facilities in these halls are not open during winter break.

Bailey, Comstock, Frontier, Pioneer, Sanford and Territorial Halls are not open during the break, and residents will be required to vacate these buildings.

What should I do if I got an assignment, but I do not plan on attending the University of Minnesota?

Prior to August 1, 2015 applicants assigned to residence halls and apartments may cancel their contract and receive a refund of the $200 (if applicable) guarantee payment at: OR submit a letter of cancellation to:
Housing & Residential Life
210 Delaware St SE
University of Minnesota
Minneapolis, MN 55455

(Please include your University of Minnesota student ID in your cancellation request.)
Applicants assigned to residence halls and apartments who cancel on/after August 1, 2015 will be subject to a forfeiture of the $200 guarantee payment according to the terms of the housing guarantee agreement.

Can I still cancel my housing contract?

Requests for cancellation can be emailed to: – include student ID number and name on request. We also accept cancellations by letter and should include student ID number and name. The request can be sent to:

Housing & Residential Life
Attn: Cancellations
Comstock Hall-East
210 Delaware St SE
Minneapolis, MN 55455

Assigned to a residence hall or apartment and paid the $200 Guarantee Payment:
Cancellations prior to August 1, 2015 - The $200 will be refunded according to the original payment method and the assignment removed.
Cancellations on or after August 1, 2015 - The $200 is forfeited.

Assigned to a residence hall or apartment and completed a Housing Guarantee Payment Extension Agreement:
Cancellations prior to August 1, 2015 - The assignment is removed and the application-contract canceled.
Cancellations on or after August 1, 2015 - The assignment is removed and the student account will be billed $200.

In all cases the $25 Application Fee is non-refundable.

Can I request a room transfer? What are my chances?

Transfer requests can be submitted through the online move-in guide beginning August 1, 2015 at 12:00 noon. The assignment change request can be accessed through the online Move-In Guide. Students assigned to the Expanded Housing Program may request a transfer, but will not be considered until a permanent assignment is available. All other requests will be considered in the order they were received on a space-available basis. Because we are currently at full occupancy, there are a limited number of available spaces. We will only be able to accommodate a limited number of change requests. The transfers are likely to occur are in the beginning of spring semester.

How do I apply for parking?

For information about parking, contact Parking and Transportation Services at 612-626-7275 or by email at

Why did I not get in the Living Learning Community (LLC) I chose?

LLC assignments are made in the order outlined by the academic partner department or in which completed housing applications were received. Due to the limited number of spaces in each of these communities, some of these communities filled up as quickly as January.

Can I see my assigned room?

We do not allow students to see their assigned rooms as it would be difficult for staff to show each room and complete the required preparations for move-in. Additionally, many of our facilities have summer conference guests that will be in the rooms until a few days before the halls open for the fall semester. Residence Hall tours are TBD. Apartment tours are TBD. You can also view hall and apartment video tours and floor plans on the hall information pages at Please note the floor plans are provided for you to view the location of your room. The floor plans were accurate as of last year; therefore gender and LLC information may no longer be accurate for Fall 2015. Please contact the Housing & Residential Life office with any questions.

Can I change my meal plan?

Between August 30 and September 12, meal plans for the fall semester can be changed on the University Dining Services or Housing & Residential Life websites.

Can I come at a different time or day than listed on my assignment letter?

In order to manage the move-in process, we have assigned each student a specific move-in date and time. We request you arrive on your assigned date and time.  Returning residents will not be allowed to move in prior to Saturday, September 5, 2015. If you need to request a change in move-in date/time, please email

I have not been able to reach my assigned roommate(s), what should I do?

We recommend that you send them an email and a voice mail if possible. Traditionally July and August are popular vacation times for families so it may take a few days/weeks for students to get back to you.

Why are assignments not made until the end of July?

Housing & Residential Life (HRL) waits until the end of July in attempt to increase the chances an applicant will get assigned to one of their higher preferred halls. Historically, HRL gets a number of cancellations in June and July, and by waiting until the end of July, an applicant has a chance to get a higher preferred hall if space permits.

What is my room/apartment rate? How am I billed?

Room rates are listed on your assignment letter and can also be found at Room rates are adjusted accordingly if you move or if a room goes from being expanded to a permanent space.

The balance of your room and board rates will be posted to your student account in mid-August.

Loft Policy & FAQs

Construction of loft beds or installation of a purchased loft system is strictly prohibited in all University housing rooms. Depending on the room you are assigned to there are two options: All Residence halls have a supply of approved equipment to loft or bunk beds prerequested. Some rooms will have pre-lofted/bunked beds, due to space restrictions and/or prior setup.

All residents using a loft or bunk will agree to the following terms of use.

  • I understand there is some risk of injury associated with using an elevated loft or bunk and I voluntarily choose to assume this risk.
  • I understand this equipment is non-transferable to other residents. If I no longer wish to use the equipment, I will inform the residence hall staff and request an early disassembly.
  • If any part of my loft or bunk assembly breaks, or appears faulty, I will report it to the residence hall facilities staff for repairs.
  • I agree to use all parts of the loft or bunk as provided and assembled.

Loft FAQs

What is the advantage of lofting or bunking a bed?

Lofting and bunking beds offer a lot of storage space underneath them. Therefore, lofting and bunking beds will also allow for more space to move about the room. Lofted beds provide 55 inches of space underneath the bed. Twin size beds that are not lofted have the capability to be 27 inches off the ground.

How do I know if my room can have a loft or bunk?

Information about whether a room can be lofted or bunked is available on a resident's assignment letter or the online move-in guide.

Should I consult my roommate before I request a loft/bunk?

We recommend you discuss loft and bunk plans with your roommate. If you choose to bunk your beds, only 1 person should request the bunk. Lofts should be requested individually.

Can I build my own loft/bunk?

Residents are NOT allowed to build their own loft or bunk. In order to have a loft, students must use University of Minnesota provided lofts.

Are there enough lofts for everyone that requests one?

Some halls have enough lofts for most requests, however we recommend you reserve your loft as soon as possible. Loft requests will be filled on a first come, first serve basis. If we run out in a particular residence hall, there will be a waitlist until one becomes available.

What is the deadline to request a loft/bunk?

We recommend you make the request as soon as possible after you receive your housing assignment and no later than August 6.

How much does it cost to have a loft/bunk?

There is no charge to have your bed lofted or bunked.

Am I required to have a safety rail?

Each loft and top bunk requires a safety rail.

The web site says my room cannot have a loft, why is that?

Some room configurations do not allow a loft or bunk beds. Some rooms come with the beds pre bunked or pre lofted or a combination. This is done because of the room type or configuration.

What happens if I request a loft/bunk and change rooms prior to move-in?

If you change rooms and have requested a loft/bunk, your request will transfer to your newly assigned room/space.