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2015-2016 Contract Terms and Provisions

University Housing Contract for Residence Halls and Apartment Complexes Terms and Provisions for 2015-16. Please read the following. When you submit an application-contract, you have entered into a LEGALLY BINDING CONTRACT.

1. Application fee

Each applicant is required to submit a $25 non-refundable Housing Application Fee or make arrangements for the fee to be paid.

2. Application-Contract Submission

Applicants may not submit more than one application-contract per application period.

3. University of Minnesota Admission and University Housing Assignment Status

Receipt of an applicant's application-contract does not guarantee admission to the University or assignment to University Housing. Applicants are responsible for processing the appropriate materials in order to gain admission to the University. Prospective students may apply for University Housing before being admitted to the University, but they are not eligible for an assignment to University Housing until after they are admitted to the University and have confirmed they have accepted admittance (limited exceptions are made for Extension, reserved space, and Minnesota English Language Program students).

4. Application-Contract Cancellations

New Applicants/Residents:
New Applicants/Residents may cancel their University Housing application-contract until August 1st and receive a refund of their $200 housing guarantee payment. If a student cancels his or her housing application-contract after August 1st, their housing guarantee payment will be forfeited. In the instance the housing guarantee payment was deferred for financial aid, the applicant will be billed $200 to their student financial account.
Students who make the decision not to live in on-campus housing after August 1st are advised to officially cancel their housing application-contract. While new applicant/resident will not be refunded their $200 housing guarantee payment, they will avoid additional room and dining charges if an official cancellation of his/her housing application-contract is not received prior to 8:00 a.m. on the first day of fall semester classes.

Returning Students (Students who lived on campus during the spring semester and reapplied for on-campus housing for the following academic year):
Students who currently live in on campus housing and participate in the on-campus housing reapplication process must cancel their housing application contract by April 15th in order to be released from their housing application-contract, and to receive a refund of their $200 housing guarantee (if applicable). Returning students will not be permitted to cancel their housing application-contract after April 15th, the date by which the housing application-contract becomes a legally binding contract with the University of Minnesota's Housing & Residential Life Department.

New Applicants/Residents
Students interested in cancelling their housing application contract may do so by emailing the cancellation to or by submitting a letter of cancellation by the dates outlined above. The following information must be included in a student's cancellation request: name of student applicant, U of M Student ID Number, and student applicant signature.
Student applicants should send the cancellation letter to:

Housing & Residential Life
Contracts, Assignments & Billing
Comstock Hall-East
210 Delaware St S.E.
Minneapolis, MN 55455

Returning Residents
Prior to April 15th, returning residents interested in cancelling their application-contract may do so by emailing the cancellation to The following information must be included in a written student's cancellation request: name, U of M Student ID Number, and student applicant signature. If the request is sent from your U of M email account no physical signature is required as it will be an electronic signature.

Beginning April 16th, returning residents must complete a contract release request. Most request are not approved only a small amount are approved for extenuating circumstances More information about the contract release process can be found at The contract release request form can be obtained from your hall business office until the end of the spring semester and at the central housing office during the summer months.

Reactivating Application Contract
Applicants who wish to reactivate their application-contract after canceling must contact Housing & Residential Life. Applicants who reactivate their application-contract give up any previous guarantee they may have had for assignment to University Housing.

5. Eligibility

To be eligible to live within University Housing, each applicant must, throughout their occupancy, be a registered University of Minnesota student and be 16 years of age at time of occupancy. For fall and spring semesters, undergraduate residents must maintain a minimum of nine (9) credits per semester, and graduate residents must maintain a minimum of three (3) credits per semester to remain eligible to reside in University Housing. For May session and summer session, residents must maintain at least one (1) credit. If you are enrolled for, and have a housing contract for summer session, you are allowed to live in the residence halls/apartments that are open during May session.
Spouses or children of eligible applicant/residents are not permitted to reside in the residence halls or individual student apartment complexes (Yudof Hall, University Village and Roy Wilkins Hall) other than in guest apartments. Residents who are not registered as a University student or who fall below the minimum credit requirements are not eligible to reside in University Housing unless granted an exception by Housing & Residential Life. While dropping below the credit minimums will render you ineligible to remain in University Housing, it does not automatically release you from your obligations under the University Housing contract.

6. Assignments and Assignment Preferences

At the time University Housing is assigned, Housing & Residential Life will attempt to honor the preferences expressed by the applicant for specific facilities, living options, room/apartment types, and roommate requests. These are only preferences and Housing & Residential Life does not guarantee the assignment of a particular facility, living learning community, room/apartment type, roommate, or other requested options. Housing & Residential Life reserves the right to assign/reassign applicant/resident to any available space within University Housing, even if it is not an applicant/resident's preference. If applicant/resident is assigned to a room/apartment that is designed as a space for residents with a disability, the University reserves the right to transfer applicant/resident to another room/apartment should an applicant/resident with a disability require use of the space. Housing & Residential Life reserves the right to reassign a student to a different room/apartment at any time during the contract period for any lawful reason, including, but not limited to, change in room designation, safety and security, consolidation, interests of the community, etc.

7. Student-Athlete Spaces

Student-athletes who are assigned University Housing as part of the reserved space agreement between Housing & Residential Life and the Department of Intercollegiate Athletics authorize the Department of Intercollegiate Athletics the right to determine their University Housing arrangements. Specifically, a student-athlete assigns to the Department of Intercollegiate Athletics any rights they may have to procure University Housing, request a change of their housing assignment, or request cancellation of their housing agreement. If a student-athlete is no longer part of a sport team, he/she will not be allowed to remain in a reserved space unless approved by Housing & Residential Life.

8. Contract periods

The contract periods for this academic year are listed at There is not a Fall Only contract option.

At the time this information was posted, contract periods, move-in and move-out dates were not finalized. Please note that if changes are made, they will be posted by March 1st.

The contract periods are as shown, or the balance thereof if contract is entered after the beginning of the chosen contract period. Rooms/apartments must be occupied and vacated in accordance with the schedule issued by Housing & Residential Life. Residents agree to comply with the established schedule.

Residents enrolled in academic programs that have different beginning and ending dates than the contract periods listed above must adhere to the above contract periods.

9. May Session and/or Summer Session

Applicants for May session or summer session should be aware that not all programs (e.g., Living Learning Communities, special living options, meal plans, staffing patterns, etc.) are available during May Session and Summer Session. For a more detailed description of services provided during these sessions, please go to or call 612-624-2994.

10. Break Periods

Apartment Residents can stay in their assigned University Housing space over all break periods during the term of their contract at no additional charge.

All Other Contract Periods
Thanksgiving Break - November 26-29th
All Residence Halls and Apartment Complexes remain open. There is no extra charge for residents staying in University Housing during the Thanksgiving Break. There are no meals served on November 26-28th. Meal service resumes with brunch on November 29th.

Winter Break - 8 p.m. on December 23rd, through 8 a.m. on January 16th
Centennial, Middlebrook, and 17th Avenue halls may remain open over winter break, and those residents who remain in their room over the winter break period will be charged a flat rate of $23 per night (depending on occupancy and facilities renovation, the above residence halls may not be open over Winter Break). Residents are required to register for the break period and will be billed for the number of nights stayed. Residents will be charged for the entire break period no matter how many nights that they stay in their room if they are found staying and do not pre-register.
Bailey, Comstock, Frontier, Pioneer, Sanford, and Territorial halls are not open during the winter break period. All residents are required to leave halls that are not open during this period. The last meal of the fall semester served in the Dining Center will be Grab and Go dinner on December 23rd. The first meal of the spring semester will be brunch on January 16th.

Spring Break - March 14th through March 18th
All Residence Halls and Apartment Complexes remain open. There is no extra charge for residents staying in their assigned University Housing space during spring break. The last meal before spring break will be Grab and Go dinner on March 11th. The first meal after spring break will be brunch on Sunday, March 20th.

11. Contract Assumption

Students denied a contract release may find someone to assume the balance of their housing contract with prior approval of Housing & Residential Life.  The person assuming the contract must be a registered student and cannot currently live in on-campus housing or have applied for on campus housing. More detailed information and forms are available at the hall business office.

12. Assignment of Residence Hall Room or Apartment Space

Once an applicant is assigned to an on-campus housing residence hall or apartment space, the applicant (and parent(s) or guardian if resident is under the legal age of 18 years) becomes responsible for all the terms and financial obligations of the contract. In addition, an assigned applicant who fails to occupy the assigned room/apartment by 8 a.m. on the first day of classes of a specific term, and who has not provided written notification of his/her desire to cancel their contract prior to the previously outlined contract cancellation policies will be held responsible for all financial obligations pertaining to the contract. (see section 4).

13. Occupancy

Only the residents who are assigned to a room/apartment and have a contract for the room/apartment may occupy the room/apartment. Students may not transfer rooms without permission of Housing & Residential Life staff; violation of this policy will result in disciplinary and/or financial charges. Guests may stay no longer than five (5) consecutive nights at any one time and cannot stay a total of more than fifteen (15) nights in any given semester. Residents may not have guests under the age of sixteen (16) stay overnight. Residents must obtain permission of room/apartment mate(s) for all overnight guests.

14. Housing Charges

The resident agrees to pay the room/apartment and meal plan rates (Students living in the residence halls must be on one of the mandatory meal plans) established by the University of Minnesota. All housing and meal plan charges will be billed to each resident's Student Financial Account at the University of Minnesota.

** All students assigned to a University Apartment will automatically have their meal plan cancelled upon assignment. If you wish to purchase a plan, please contact the Dining Services meal plan office, or purchase via the web at

Resident agrees that failure to satisfy the financial obligations of this contract may result in any or all of the following:

  • denial of meal privileges until suitable payment arrangements are made
  • inability to obtain a transcript or degree
  • denial of enrollment for subsequent coursework
  • denial of future residence
  • immediate termination of the contract and removal from University Housing

If resident is denied meal privileges due to failure to satisfy financial obligations, the money allotted for denied meals is not refundable, nor can it be credited to resident's Student Financial Account.

15. Personal Property and Insurance

The resident hereby agrees that any and all of his/her personal property or property of third parties in the resident's custody or possession which may be present upon the University's premises shall be the sole responsibility of the resident. The resident does hereby waive any and all claims of any nature whatsoever against the Board of Regents of the University of Minnesota, its agents and employees, and/or Wedum University Village, LLC for loss, damage, or destruction to said property due to any cause whatsoever, except for intentional misconduct of the above named. Residents are advised to procure personal insurance against such eventualities. All personal property must be removed from the room/apartment on the last day of occupancy under this agreement, and the resident hereby surrenders all claims to and abandons any property remaining on the premises after such date.

16. Utilities and Room/Apartment Furnishings

Cable television is provided in all residence hall and apartment rooms as a standard service. Additional information regarding UMN-TV can be found at

Students that use the Ethernet service (ResNet) and/or wireless connection must adhere to the policies and procedures in the University's Acceptable Use Policy and the ResNet Agreement. Both documents can be found on the ResNet Web site at Students who choose to utilize a University owned loft or bunk in an officially designated eligible room agree to use it in the intended manner, as indicated in the loft/bunk bed policy at

Air conditioning (where available) is seasonal and is determined in accordance with the long-range weather forecast. All furniture, appliances, and window treatments are also included in the rate and must remain in the room/apartment. Storage is not available.

17. Damages

Residents are liable for any damage, modification, or excessive cleaning required in their room/apartment or done to any part of University Housing. Each resident and a Housing & Residential Life staff member will complete a room/apartment condition report at move-in and move-out time. Failure to complete an apartment/residence hall condition report by the time designated by the hall/apartment staff will result in a $50 improper check-in charge. By submitting an application-contract and room/apartment condition report, the resident agrees to pay the cost of repair, replacement, or cleaning of any item or part of University Housing that the resident damages, modifies, or destroys (including the removal of window screens). Replacement costs include full, not depreciated charges for new materials and labor. If a damaged item feasibly can be repaired, resident will be charged the cost of repairing rather than replacing the item. All repairs/replacement work will be initiated and accomplished by the University or its designee.

If the resident occupies a double or larger room/apartment, all residents of the room/apartment are jointly liable for damages caused. In room/apartment common areas such as kitchen, bathrooms, living rooms, etc., these areas must be clean prior to any resident checking out. Damage charges will be divided evenly, unless the Residence Director determines which one is responsible for the damages.

Residents are also responsible for any damage caused by their guests. Residents should dispose of trash in designated locations; failure to abide by this policy will result in disciplinary/financial action. Residents of University Village that fail to abide by this policy will be charged $10 for each identifiable bag of trash and $10 per pizza box found in common areas.

Housing & Residential Life makes final room/apartment inspections after residents have vacated room/apartment and have completed the room/ apartment condition report. Additional damage charges may result from these final inspections.

If a resident disagrees with an assessed damage charge, resident must submit an appeal, in writing, to the Residence Director within two weeks of receiving the bill. If resident appeals a damage charge, and the result of appeal is not known prior to the date the Student Financial Account payment is due, the resident is encouraged to pay the bill in order to avoid a late fee charge. Should the appeal be approved, the damage charge will be credited to the resident's Student Financial Account. Any appeals of late fees must be directed to the Office of Student Finance.

18. Vacancies/Consolidation

When a vacancy occurs in University Housing, Housing & Residential Life reserves the right to fill that vacancy with an Expanded Housing Program resident, a general housing resident, or an applicant on the Priority or General Waiting List.
If Housing & Residential Life has no eligible residents left in the Expanded Housing Program and no eligible applicants remaining on the Priority or General Waiting List, the remaining resident(s) in an under-occupied room/suite/apartment may be required to combine living space with other residents who also remain in an under-occupied room/suite/apartment. Any one of the remaining residents may be required to move.

Following steps will be followed to accomplish the consolidation:
The remaining resident(s) will be allowed five (5) days from Housing & Residential Life's notification that the consolidation process will take place to find another eligible roommate of choice or, if permitted, agree to pay a higher rate established by Housing & Residential Life for the room/suite/apartment (e.g., double as single).

If, after the five (5) day period, the remaining resident(s) has (have) not found another eligible roommate nor has (have) not willingly (if permitted) agreed to pay the higher rate, the following will occur:

All residents will be ranked by date of original application to housing for the academic year and will be reassigned to an open space in the order of the resident with the latest application date being moved first.

All residents will be required to move within five (5) days of notification from Housing & Residential Life. Any resident failing to complete the move within five (5) days will be charged the higher rate retroactive to the date the room/suite/apartment became under-occupied.

Note: If, however, another roommate or room/suite/ apartment is not available within the building, the higher rate will not be charged. In this case, Housing & Residential Life reserves the right to assign a student to that room/suite/apartment should the need arise.

19. Construction

Residents are advised that construction activity may affect resident to varying degrees and may involve excess dirt and/or noise. Residents are also advised that, while it is impossible to know the extent of such inconveniences, these situations, when they occur, may prove to be difficult at times. High demand for University Housing accommodations requires that all spaces be made available to students. The financial requirements involved in operating a fully self-supporting (no legislative subsidy) University Housing system do not allow for any adjustments to housing-related charges to compensate if construction-related inconveniences occur or if something beyond Housing & Residential Life's control prevents or delays delivery of services under this contract.

20. University Housing Keys/Fobs

Resident will be charged $30 for each lost or unreturned room/apartment key and $15 for each lost or unreturned outside door key or mailbox key. At University Village the replacement key cost is $110.00 for an apartment recore (this includes but is not limited to, any keys for you, roommate(s), and the temporary keys) and $35.00 for a replacement access fob.

The above rates are for the 2014-15 academic year. Rates may be increased at the discretion of Housing & Residential Life for 2015-16.

21. Contract Release Request and Termination During the Contract Period

Residents may be granted a release from their contract during the contract period without financial penalty for any of the following reasons, if the reason is documented:

  1. withdrawal from the University,
  2. graduation,
  3. unplanned marriage,
  4. declaration of same gender domestic partnership,
  5. study abroad or University-related internship (non-metro area),
  6. call to active military duty.

Please note that you have entered a legally binding contract. Releases for reasons not listed above most likely will not be approved. Requests for release due to other extenuating circumstances may be granted, but are not guaranteed, with a service fee of $50, for reasons such as 1) proof of demonstrable, non-replaceable loss of support base after assuming occupancy in University Housing, or 2) proof that a medical/psychological condition exists that was nonexistent prior to residents move into University Housing or severely exacerbated after assuming occupancy. Documentation is required for any such requests. All other reasons for a contract release request may be reviewed on a case-by-case basis but are not guaranteed.

The University may also release a resident from his/her contract if an eligible substitute resident is available on a University Housing Waiting List. If there is no available eligible person on the Waiting List, the resident may be allowed to provide an eligible substitute for his/her contract. Residents seeking a substitute are advised that:

  • Depending on room/apartment changes, residents are relinquishing a space, not necessarily their particular room or apartment.
  • The person assuming the space in the hall or apartment building cannot be a current resident of any other University Housing.
  • Individuals who are currently on the Waiting List or who have been on the list during the previous two weeks cannot be offered as substitutes.

The relinquishing of a resident's contract to an individual on the Waiting List does not necessarily occur immediately. The actual contract release can occur only when a confirmed eligible applicant from the Waiting List is obtained, and this process may take a number of days to finalize. Residents are responsible for the full room/apartment and meal plan charges until an eligible substitute, approved by Housing & Residential Life, has assumed occupancy.

Residents are responsible for the charges pertaining to the balance of the room/apartment and meal plan contract if the person replacing the resident is not from the Waiting List and he/she defaults on the contract. (If an individual from the Waiting List assumes occupancy, the initial contract holder is released from all financial obligations for the University Housing contract.)

If the University approves a request for a contract release, the resident will be released from all financial obligations associated with the contract. If the contract release request is not approved, the resident is responsible for all financial obligations of the contract. Note: Residents who are released from their contract due to withdrawal from the University should note that the office of Housing & Residential Life monitors subsequent credit loads. Released residents who re-register for classes during the academic year may be held responsible for the balance of their contract.

22. Vacating/Checkout of Premises

The resident agrees to vacate the premises at the end of the term and deliver all keys/fobs to the hall/apartment business office. In the event of cancellation or termination of this contract, the resident agrees to vacate the premises within forty-eight (48) hours of notification.

Refunds/credits are not granted for early move-outs from University Housing during the last two weeks of any semester or summer term. Resident is required to officially checkout (turn in key(s)/access card and complete room/apartment condition report) with the appropriate staff member when moving out of University Housing. Failure to properly checkout of University Housing results in a non-refundable $50 service fee, plus charges for necessary repairs and damages. Students who do not checkout in a timely manner will be charged an additional $50 fee for each hour past the scheduled checkout time.

Note: Housing & Residential Life reserves the right to inspect resident rooms/apartments within 30 days prior to the end of a term to begin maintenance/repair needs. Housing & Residential Life may do these checks throughout a semester pending the resident is given non-emergency 24 hours notice.

23. Right of Refusal

Housing & Residential Life reserves the right to refuse any application-contract for any lawful reason, including but not limited to the following reasons:

  • Applicant does not meet the established eligibility requirements.
  • Applicant has violated any University Housing policy, rule, and/or regulation.
  • Applicant has a poor payment history, outstanding financial balance, or had extensive apartment/room damage in the past.
  • The University determines that the applicant's presence in student housing would not be in his/her and/or the University's best interest.

24. University's Termination of Contract and Eviction

Resident hereby consents and agrees to obey and abide by all University of Minnesota policies and regulations governing occupants of University Housing facilities and recognizes the right of the University to terminate resident's contract for breach of any University policies, rules, or regulations. Housing & Residential Life reserves the right to terminate the housing contract of any student after the student assumes occupancy if the University and/or Housing & Residential Life is made aware of the student's involvement in any previous criminal activity that could cause potential risk to the residential community. Resident agrees that he/she may be evicted if he/she fails to vacate his/her room/apartment after receiving notice of termination of contract and a demand to vacate. In the event of termination of a resident's contract by the University, the resident will be liable for all housing-related charges up to the time of termination of such occupancy, and may be held responsible for the remainder of the housing and meal plan contract should Housing and Residential Life not be able to find a replacement resident. Regardless of whether a replacement resident is found, residents who are judicially terminated from University Housing (i.e., are terminated for violation of student disciplinary rules) will be held financially responsible for 30% of the remainder of the housing and meal plan contract. Following appropriate Student Conduct action involving serious violations of University regulations or policies, a resident may be removed from University Housing within 24 hours. Residents evicted from University Housing will be financially responsible for all costs associated with the eviction process. The University reserves the right to make changes in any and all such policies, rules, and/or regulations.

25. Interim Suspension

The University may, after evaluating the evidence received, the identification of the parties, the safety and well-being of residents, staff, and University property, and, in those cases where there is an indication that a resident's misconduct will be repeated or continued or where the University believes it is necessary to permit the University to carry on its functions with respect to University Housing, immediately suspend a resident from University Housing, pending hearing before the appropriate disciplinary committee. The Coordinator of Student Conduct for Housing or the Coordinator's designee may make the decision regarding interim suspension, and shall provide notice of the decision to the resident. The resident objecting to an interim suspension has the right to a prompt hearing before the Associate Director of Residential Life for Housing or the Associate Director's designee on the questions of identification and whether suspension should remain in effect until the full hearing on the underlying charges is completed.

26. Responsibilities of the University of Minnesota

The University of Minnesota and in the case of University Village, Wedum University Village, LLC, shall comply with all state laws, municipal codes, regulations, and ordinances and in particular shall:

  • Keep the property and all common areas in a sanitary and habitable condition and in compliance with all state and municipal codes.
  • Make necessary repairs within a reasonable time after notice from a resident.
  • Beyond typical repair time needed if systems fail, maintain in good working order all electrical, plumbing, sanitary, heating, ventilating and air conditioning systems, fixtures, and appliances.

In addition to the above, the University of Minnesota shall:

  • Provide a Residence Director who is responsible for the management of his or her building(s) and its various facilities and operations and for the development of the residential population. The Residence Director supervises the staff of Community Advisors (CAs), advises and assists the student government, encourages recreational, social, and cultural programming, and is available for individual counseling and referrals to other University services.

27. Responsibilities of Residents

Residents shall comply with all state laws, municipal codes, regulations and ordinances, the University's Student Conduct Code and other University policies and procedures, and specific University Housing policies, rules, and regulations. In particular, residents shall adhere to all University Housing policies and the Residence Hall and Apartment regulations contained within this contract.

28. Exceptions/Grievances Before Move In:

Exceptions or grievances related to this University Housing application-contract may be appealed, in writing, to:

Associate Director, Administration and Operations or designee
Housing & Residential Life
Comstock Hall-East
210 Delaware St. S.E. Minneapolis, MN 55455-0307

29. Exceptions/Grievances After Move-In:

Exceptions or grievances related to University Housing policies, rules, and regulations should be resolved in the first instance between the resident and Residence Director. Exceptions or grievances not resolved at that level may be appealed, in writing, to the Associate Director or designee - Administration and Operations at the above address.

University Village
The Owner/Landlord for the Wedum University Village, LLC facility located at 2601 University Ave. S.E., Minneapolis, MN 55414 is Wedum University Village, LLC and Regents of the University of Minnesota. The agent authorized to accept notices, demands, and legal papers for Wedum University Village, LLC facility is: Associate Director of Housing-Administration and Operations, Housing & Residential Life, Comstock Hall-East, 210 Delaware St. S.E., Minneapolis, MN 55455.

30. Changes or Updates

Changes or updates to the content of the online contract may occur. These changes will be available at by July 1st. These changes will become part of your housing application-contract, and you will be held responsible for these changes and updates.

2016-2017 Contract Terms and Provisions

The 2016-2017 Contract-Application will be available online November 2015