Bailey Hall

Bailey Hall

1458 No. Cleveland Avenue, St. Paul, MN 55108
Info: 612-624-0700; fax: 612-625-3732

Bailey Hall is a four-story coeducational hall housing 500 residents on the St. Paul campus. The St. Paul campus has often been described as a beautiful small, private college setting within our University. Bailey houses a dining center and is located adjacent to the Student Center which has a convenience store, post office, game room, bowling alley, theater, and bookstore. Bailey also has its own special facility called Rock Bottom, a community and social space with a dance floor, sound system, large screen TV, kitchen, and lounge space. Bailey is easily accessible by foot, bike, and free campus connector and shuttle system. Bailey Hall, built in 1949, with additions in 1981, is named for Clyde Harold Bailey, former dean of the College of Agriculture.

Bailey Hall's Information Desk is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This is the location of your mail, IDEA check out items, and is staffed by knowledgeable students and staff. Please review the other tab sections for more details.

Transportation and Facts about St. Paul Campus

Who can live here

  • Incoming first-year students
  • Incoming transfer students
  • Returning Residents
  • Living Learning Communities
    • CFANS Transfer House
    • Design House
    • Environment House
    • Pre-Veterinary Science House

For more information about the housing guarantee please visit our Application Process page.

Foundation for Success

The fundamental philosophy of the University residence halls and apartments is that students grow and develop while they live in University Housing. To help students achieve their personal and academic goals and become well-rounded individuals, we begin by meeting their basic needs by providing comfortable, well-maintained living environments and nutritious food. The University Housing community and its staff provide appropriate challenges and support to enable student growth and development.

Foundation for Success provides a framework for the interactions and education offered to students who live in university housing. Learning outcomes focus on the whole person and support academic success. Each student will do what they do best everyday, have strong and positive relationships, make healthy and sustainable choices, have an inclusive and engaged community experience, and make sound financial decisions. These learning outcomes will be implemented through planned interactions and educational initiatives designed to engage the student in their learning. All community members are also responsible for establishing safe, inclusive and socially-just communities.

  • Each student will do what they do best every day.
  • Each student will have strong and positive relationships.
  • Each student will make healthy and sustainable choices.
  • Each student will have an inclusive and engaged community experience.
  • Each student will make sound financial decisions.

House/Community Meetings

Your Community Advisor (CA) will host house meetings at different points during the year. Your attendance is expected at these important meetings. You will receive essential community information and get to know your neighbors and community members during these events. Please speak to your CA before your house meeting if you have a conflicting appointment or meeting.

Housing Involvement Opportunities

Here are some of the many Housing & Residential Life opportunities for involvement:

University Housing Employment Opportunities

Working in University Housing is not only a convenient way to make some money; it can also be a lot of fun! For job listings go to the Housing & Residential Life job page.

Hall Amenities

  • Accessible to students with disabilities
  • Air conditioning in north wing
  • Bicycle racks
  • Campus Connector (campus bus system) picks up directly in front
  • Cooking facility, microwave
  • Computer lab
  • Dining facility connected
  • Fire alarm system (addressable), with sprinklers
  • Free laundry facilities
  • Game rooms
  • Ice machine
  • Information Desk - sports and recreational equipment, games, and DVDs available for check out
  • Music & piano practice rooms
  • One lounge per floor
  • Rental refrigerators available through contracted vendor
  • Recycling containers – paper, cans, glass, plastic
  • St. Paul Recreation Center (a block away)
  • St. Paul Student Center connected through tunnels
  • Serviced by elevators
  • Study and classroom space
  • Vending machines
  • Wireless internet

Room Furnishings and Amenities

  • Cable TV service (no TV provided)
  • Carpeting
  • Closet
  • Desk & chair
  • Drawer space
  • Ethernet access
  • Mattress pad
  • Mixture of rooms with individual sinks or shared sinks
  • Single-size bed (extra long twin, 36X80)
  • Smoke detector
  • Recycling, 3-part containers
  • Telephone jack (phone not provided)
  • Window coverings

What to Bring

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One room shared by 2 residents. A common bathroom is shared by approximately 15 rooms. The average square footage is 191. The contract length is fall/spring. There are approximately 204 doubles in Bailey Hall.

4-Person Suite

Two bedrooms and one common room shared by 4 occupants. A common bathroom is shared by approximately 15 rooms. The average square footage is 497. The contract length is fall/spring. There are approximately 19 4-person suites in Bailey Hall.

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Hall Staff

Bailey Lab - E150

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