Pillsbury Court

Pillsbury Court

General Information

Pillsbury Court is the transitional housing facility designed for a faculty or staff member and their family to live during their transition to the Twin Cities Area. This is ideal for those faculty/staff members who wish to take their time when looking for a home or other permanent residence. Pillsbury Court is a wonderful family apartment complex within walking distance from the Minneapolis East Bank campus. Housing and Residential Life is pleased to offer this safe, family-oriented housing facility to transitional faculty and staff who are new to the University of Minnesota.


Pillsbury Court is located between 5th Street SE and 6th Street SE and between 10th and 11th Avenues in Minneapolis. Located on the site of the Pillsbury mansion, home of University presidents from 1911 until 1963, the 48-townhouse units were first occupied in October 1965.


Rent is $1,199.00 per month, plus gas & electric utilities. Effective July 1, 2016, monthly rent will be $1,253.

Eligible Academic Employees

A transitional housing option, Pillsbury Court, is available from the University's Department of Housing & Residential Life to provide an opportunity for eligible employees new to the Twin Cities area to become familiar with different residential areas before deciding on a more permanent residence.

Housing Facility

Pillsbury Court is located in the square block between 10th and 11th Ave. SE, and 5th and 6th streets SE. The complex has 48-two bedroom townhome units available to rent. Renters may occupy a unit in this complex for up to two years. A 60-day written notice is required prior to vacating a unit.

Criteria for Residence

Eligibility Criteria Include

  1. Applicants must carry a 67 to 100 percent time appointment for a minimum of 9 months.
  2. Applicants must be paid through the University of Minnesota's payroll, regardless of source of funding. Approval to waive the criteria may be granted under special circumstances.
  3. Appointment held may not be a "Without Salary" appointment.
  4. Employees currently living in the Twin Cities area for a period longer than 18 months are not eligible. Former graduate students or professionals-in-training having accepted a position as included under Priority 1 or 2 below are exempted from these particular criteria.

There are three priority categories from which decisions on housing assignments are based. Eligibility is further defined by additional appointment criteria as noted below.

Priority 1:

  • Regular Faculty
    • Tenured and Tenure-Track appointment types
  • Academic Professional Employees
    • Continuous and Probationary appointment types

Priority 2:

  • Term Faculty
    • Contract Faculty - Annual Renewable Contract, Clinical Scholar, Medical School and Yearly, Medical School, and Multiple-Year Contract  appointment types
    • Temporary Faculty - Temporary appointment type
    • Visiting Faculty - Visiting appointment type
  • Academic Professional and Administrative Employees - not Professionals in Training
    • Academic Administrators - Annual Renewable Contract and Multiple-Year Contract appointment types
    • Academic Professionals - Annual Renewable Contract and Multiple-Year Contract appointment types

Priority 3:

  • Academic Professional and Administrative Employees - Professionals in Training
    • Professionals-in-Training - Number of Years Restricted appointment type
  • Regular faculty or academic professional or administrative employees as described under Priority 1 and 2 officially retired from the University who live out of the area and are retired under retiree status for a period of time.
    • Retiree - Retiree appointment type

Policy Contact


  • The townhomes feature new furnaces and air conditioning units, and new siding for the buildings.
  • All units feature three floors with living space in each unit.
  • The first floor has a comfortable living room opening onto a private patio through sliding glass doors.
  • Two bedrooms and a bath are located on the second floor.
  • Family room and utility rooms are located at the basement level.
  • An all electric kitchen includes an electric range with oven, a fourteen cubic foot refrigerator, range exhaust fan, sufficient electrical outlets.
  • Living room and bedroom floors are carpeted.
  • Bedrooms are equipped with blinds.
  • Basement utility room includes: an electric washer and dryer near the laundry tub, electric hot water heater, central air conditioning unit, gas forced air furnace.
  • Other than major appliances (washer, dryer, refrigerator, and stove), Pillsbury Court Town Homes are not furnished.
  • Each townhouse is allotted one car parking spot on the premises.
  • Two separate children's playgrounds are located on the premises as well as grilling and picnic areas.


What should I do if I am locked out of my Unit?

If you are locked out during normal business hours, you should contact one of the following people at the numbers provided:

  • Mike Allen - Office: 612-624-0987 Cell: 612-490-5561
  • Tim Hoaglund - Office: 612-625-0632 Cell: 612-490-5084
  • Scott Creer - Cell: 612-490-5591

If you are locked out of your unit outside of normal business hours, you should contact one of the following people at the number provided:

  • Mike Allen – Home: 763-404-1598
  • Tim Hoaglund – Cell: 612-490-5084
  • Scott Creer – Cell: 612-490-5591

After you have contacted the staff member, they will instruct you to walk to Wilkins Hall with your identification (1212 University Ave SE, Minneapolis). Once you arrive at the front entrance, there is a phone to call the front desk (the number is printed by the phone). The front desk staff will let you in and provide a spare key (upon identification) to unlock your door. The key must be returned to the desk within 1 hour, or you will be charged for the key.

You must follow the process and call a staff member before going to Wilkins Hall for identification purposes. The Wilkins staff will not provide a key without first being authorized by the staff listed above. This is for resident safety.

What should I do if I have a maintenance issue in my townhouse?

Residents should complete an Electronic Work Order Request Form or Fix It, located at: http://www.housing.umn.edu/fixit.

Is there any available guest parking at Pillsbury Court?

There are four guest parking spaces available at Pillsbury Court located in the central area of each parking lot towards the center of the complex. On-street parking is also available. It is advisable to pay close attention to posted signs and weather conditions in order to avoid traffic violations or towing.

Can I have a satellite dish installed on my townhouse?

Any cable, satellite, or internet service that requires extra outlets must be granted special permission from the Housing Properties Coordinator. Contact Housing & Residential Life for instructions and written permission for additional services. Further details and information can be found in the previous "Information & Household Hints" section.

Application Process

An application should be submitted via the website. Once the application is completed and submitted, it will be processed by Housing & Residential Life. Housing & Residential Life will then contact Human Resources to verify eligibility and place the applicant in the appropriate waiting list category. Offers for Pillsbury Court units are typically offered 1-2 months in advance of the desired occupancy date. For questions on the application process please contact the Housing Properties Coordinator at creer003@umn.edu.


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