International Reception Center (IRC)

International Reception Center (IRC), Fall Semester Only

The International Reception Center (IRC) is temporary on-campus housing available to all newly admitted international students before the start of the fall semester. The IRC is located in both Frontier Hall and Centennial Hall on the Minneapolis East Bank Campus.  This housing is available only to students. Spouses and children are not eligible to stay at the IRC.

International students can stay at the IRC July 15, 2016 until August 25-27, 2016. Your academic year assignment determines your move out date.

  • Territorial and Pioneer:  You will be moving to your academic year assignment on Thursday, August 25 between 9:00am-12:00pm.
  • 17th Avenue Residence Hall, Bailey, Sanford, Middlebrook and Comstock:  You will be moving on Friday, August 26 between 9:00am-12:00pm. Help with transportation will be available.
  • If you're are living off-campus or do not have housing:  You will need to move out of your IRC space by 8:30am on Saturday, August 27.

The cost of staying at the IRC is $24 per night per person. This cost will be charged to your student account.

Make a reservation online using the "Make a Reservation" button on this page beginning June 2, 2016 at Noon CST.

Make a Reservation

Rooms at the IRC include bed sheets and a pillow. Meals are NOT included in your room price. If you want to eat in the Centennial Hall or Middlebrook Hall Dining Center, you can pay cash or purchase flexdine.

International Reception Center Check In

Frontier Hall is located at 701 Fulton Street Southeast, Minneapolis, Minnesota. Centennial Hall is located at 614 Delaware Street Southeast, Minneapolis, Minnesota. Transportation from the airport can be arranged through Boynton Health Services™ Gopher Chauffer, an international student group at the University, or by taking a shuttle or taxi. For more transportation information visit this arrival website.

The halls are open 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. If the doors to the residence hall are locked, use the phone outside of the door to call for admittance. The phone number for the main reception desk will be posted on the door. Check in at the main reception desk after entering the building.

Students with Residence Hall Contracts

If you need to move to campus prior to August 25, you should complete the IRC reservation process. If Frontier or Centennial is not your assigned hall you will move to your assigned hall on Thursday, August 25. If you go to the IRC and have a residence hall contract for Fall/Spring, inform the front desk when you check in. If you have an on campus apartment contract (Wilkins, University Village, Yudof) you can move in beginning August 15.

Other Temporary Housing Options

Temporary Rooms

At other times of the year, you can visit the Off Campus Housing website for a listing of our temporary housing options in the Twin Cities area.

Limited temporary housing is also available on campus under the Summer Guest Housing Program June 3 through mid-August. This is an option for spouses and children who are not eligible for the International Reception Center.

For more information about housing at the University of Minnesota, contact Housing & Residential Life at:

Comstock Hall East 210 Delaware St. SE Minneapolis, MN 55455 Telephone: (612) 624-2994 Fax: (612) 624-6987 E-mail: 

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