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Room Reapplication

Current residents had the opportunity to return to University Housing for the following year. By participating in room reapplication, spring semester residents selected a room and/or roommates for the 2015-16 academic year. Room reapplication was completed entirely online. Reservations were completed on a first-in; first-served basis. The Intent to Return was completed prior to the beginning of the round and rounds were entered promptly at 7:00am on the day the round began.

Reapplication Login

The $25 non-refundable Housing Application Fee will be charged to the Spring 2015 Student Financial Account for each student who successfully reserved a room or an LLC designation.

A bill for the $200 Housing Guarantee Payment will be sent in early March and is due April 15.

Roommate Request Invitations

Roommate invitations were sent through the system by the first roommate into the round and picked up by the invited roommate later in the same round. If the initial roommate sent more than one invitation, they needed to be be sure to communicate the proper room to accept the invitation.

Questions about the Reapplication Process?

Rooms associated with a Living Learning Community

  • American Indian Cultural House - Comstock, rooms variable
  • American Sign Language (ASL) House - Comstock E143-E166
  • Casa Sol - Sanford Hall, 310-316
  • Huntley House for African American Males - 17th Avenue Residence Hall
  • Lavender House - Comstock E600-E656
  • Second Year Experience House - 17th Avenue Residence Hall
  • Second Year Honors - Middlebrook Hall East Building 3rd and 4th floor
  • Students Crossing Borders House - Middlebrook 3rd & 4th
  • Substance Free House - Middlebrook 231-249

Read more about the Living Learning Communities listed above here.

Casa Sol, Substance Free House, Second Year Experience, and the Students Crossing Borders House require an additional application. Follow the link for more information. Please note: If you do not complete the application you will not be eligible to live in the community.