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Why Should I Live On Campus For Another Year?

To put it simply, if you came to the University of Minnesota to learn and grow, living on campus another year is your best option to do just that.

Statistically speaking, compared to living off campus, you’ll have better grades, you’re more likely to graduate on time, and you’re more likely to stick with school and not drop out.

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Get Better Grades

It’s simple, students living on campus get better grades compared to those living off campus.

Graduate Faster

Going to the University of Minnesota is amazing (in our obviously unbiased opinion), but we also understand you came here for a purpose - to graduate and live on your own in the real world. Research indicates that students who live in University housing for another year have higher graduation rates than those who don’t.

Keep On Keepin’ On

Along with better graduation rates, statistics show that students who stay on campus another year have better retention rates than those living off campus. This means you’re more likely to continue with schooling the following year and are less likely to quit school.

Discover Your Niche

If the first year of college is about meeting friends and becoming familiar with the campus and its resources and opportunities, the following years are about discovering your place in the larger campus and community. Living on campus a another year allows you to become more involved in the college experience, seamlessly weaving classroom work with co-curricular endeavors.

Gender Open Housing

Current students returning to campus can apply for on-campus spaces without regard to their gender. Learn More

Second Year Experience (SYE)

Second Year Experience communities offer you the chance to explore opportunities for leadership and involvement, starting with an exclusive leadership retreat in the fall. Learn More

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