• What HRL is Doing

    Housing & Residential Life is on mission to foster sustainability awareness.

    Sustainable Housing

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    Find out how you can live more sustainably and how to participate in the games.

    Live Green

University of Minnesota Housing & Residential Life is committed to doing what we can to conserve water and resources, as well as promoting recycling and green living in our residential communities. We have taken many steps in the right direction including:

  • Recycling programs
  • Low-flow shower and toilet features
  • Water and energy-saving laundry facilities
  • Recycled materials in hall offices

In addition, the HRL Sustainability Committee meets once a month to better understand and respond to sustainability issues and opportunities within Housing.

Peer-to-Peer staff & Volunteers:

HRL has a Sustainability Education Coordinator (SEC) staff position and about 10-15 volunteer Sustainability Advocates. The Sustainability Advocates meet regularly with and gain direction from the SEC; they all provide peer-to-peer sustainability outreach, helping facilitate in-building sustainability community development with councils, aid with public relations and advertising, and help support HRL-wide (and U) sustainability efforts.