What Housing & Residential Life Is Doing

Living Green

Housing & Residential Life instituted its own sustainability committee in 2007 with the mission to foster sustainability awareness in our living and learning communities. The Committee works closely with resident student groups to institute sustainability initiatives such as: in-room recycling, energy and water conservation as well as recycling awareness during move-in and move out.

Housing & Residential Life

Makes Use of Sustainable Materials a Priority

We continue to make a conscious effort to ensure we use “green” materials wherever practical and feasible. When examining feasibility, we examine upfront cost verses payback period. We usually select green materials over conventional when cost premiums for green materials is less than 30 percent greater than conventional. Here are some of the sustainable products and materials we’ve added to our inventory:

  • 100% recycled office paper
  • Energy-saving lamps such as CFL's
  • Energy Star washers in all laundry rooms
  • “Environmentally friendly” cleaning chemicals (whenever possible)
  • Furniture made with recycled or sustainable materials (Pioneer Hall dining room tables, and sofas and chairs upholstered with recycled or sustainable fabric)
  • LED exit signs throughout all residence halls
  • Low or no VOC carpet installations
  • On-demand water heaters in residence halls
  • Reduced water usage showerheads in all showers
  • Re-manufactured ink cartridges for HRL printers
  • Toilet paper is made from 100% recycled paper
  • Water saver flush valves for toilets and urinals
  • Carpet that is certified carbon neutral (Bailey resident rooms; Centennial Dining, corridors and lounges; Comstock corridors and resident rooms; Middlebrook Corridors (10 and 40 wings) and lounges; Territorial lounge and new addition corridors; Frontier new addition corridors)