Take Back the Tap

Take Back the Tap is a housing wide campaign to raise awareness about the high cost of bottled water to environmental, personal, and societal health. The campaign runs October 1st through 31st. The Take Back The Tap Quiz must be completed during October for Live Green Games Points and to be entered to win a Brita Water Filter.

Here, we present you with three important questions about plastic bottled water. Watching at least one of the two videos under each heading will allow you to successfully complete the Take Back The Tap Quiz, which earns you Live Green Games Points!

Plus, everyone who completes the Take Back The Tap Quiz will be eligible to win a Brita Water Filter.

To learn more about the Live Green Games, click here.

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Three Important Questions to Learn More about Plastic Bottled Water

  1. Is tap water healthier than bottled water?

    Which form of water is truly better for you? Watch these videos to find out!

    Bottled Water Vs Tap Water on 20/20 - 7:30 min
    Plastic water bottles - Dr. Marianne Marchese - 3:36 min

  2. What percentage of plastic water bottles get recycled?

    If our plastic bottles are not recycled, where do they end up? Watch these clips to find out!

    Story of Bottled Water - 8:04min
    Great Pacific Garbage Patch Trailer - 1:58 min

  3. Where does the water in bottled water come from?

    Do you know where your bottled water comes from? Watch these clips to find out!

    Blue Gold Trailer - 2:37 min
    Nestle in Michigan - 7:53 min

  4. If you want to learn even more about bottled water, check out these free full length documentaries

    Tapped Poster

    Tapped (1 hour 15 minutes)

    A great documentary that covers many aspects of bottle water from environmental to social justice impacts. It is available on Netflix, Hulu Plus, or you can borrow it from the UMN library here.

    Blue Gold Poster

    Blue Gold: World Water Wars (1 hour 29 minutes)

    An interesting look at how our world is changing as we have less and less accessible freshwater. It looks especially at who is at most risk or affected by these “World Water Wars”. Watch it here.

    Flow Poster

    Flow (1 hour 23 minutes)

    Flow takes a inside look at bottled water and municipal water companies control this life supporting resource. Watch it here.